18 марта 2021

Oksana Kuksa is the only woman in the Operational Improvements Directorate of JSC Mezhdurechye. But it is worth noting there are no gender stereotypes in a close-knit professional team. They work together to achieve the main strategic goal - business system development and succeed in this. Oksana Kuksa, Chief Manager for Operational Improvements, supervises the Idea Factory at one of the company-owned facilities. She actively took part in the new official Sibuglemet website development https://www.sibuglemet.com/. Currently she is engaged in a new project development – Employee’s Personal Account. How does this take place? Let's see!

Now there is opened «Idea Factory» program on Oksana’s working computer - this is one of the latest digital developments, introduced into the operation at «Mezhdurechensky» open pit.

Oksana says that she likes working in multitasking mode, since this forces to constantly search for new solutions.

Large information amount is systematized and open for general use due to Idea Factory’s software. This project was launched in 2018 at both JSC Mezhdurechye and other company-owned facilities of Sibuglemet group. There were submitted 938 ideas over the past period by 357 mine workers in addition to working groups. A separate tub contains the submitted ideas gradation by type, as well as the ideas passports, being currently considered for further approval and those, which have already been approved.

How many ideas have been submitted since the beginning of 2021? Once clicked on the computer mouse there is opened the table, containing the information on the 80 proposals received by the Idea Factory for the first quarter of this year. This amount is clearly scheduled by months and by departments, they were sent from. It was revealed that Motor Transport Department is the most active one in terms of ideas generation – it totally submitted 44 ideas.

Besides the Idea Factory developed special Issues Resolving Board. But don’t worry, the large boards, being available in all administrative premises, will remain there as well and employees will still have a chance to write their wishes on such boards or share issues they are worrying about. But now «manuscripts» will be stored in «Cifra» software to achieve the highest convenience level.

How much popular is this software?

- It is highly demanded today, especially among engineers and technicians. The personnel number is used as a login, while the password is issued by our Directorate. Access is carried out in the corporate network on the working computer.

It is planned to install special electronic racks, allowing the employees to sign in the current program.

Oksana Kuksa speaks a lot about digitalization benefits and manage to convince others in them.

Oksana, how did you manage to become so much purposefulness?

- I had good mentors and leaders at different stages of my life. I met my first mentor at Moscow State Mining University. Then I gained tremendous experience while working as a mine surveyor in Moscow Metro, then while working at Karelsky Okatysh - the leading iron ore mining and processing plant in the Russian Federation. Later I have been living in Mezhdurechensk since February 2019 and we worked in JSC Mezhdurechye together with my husband Denis. There we worked in a friendly team, whose work was supervised by Oleg Zubritsky, Operational Efficiency Director of Sibuglemet Holding LLC.

Besides I continue studying in addition to work. Currently I am getting additional education at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University to get Strategic Management degree.

Oksana Kuksa is a perfect example of a modern effective employee, whom the professional development process never stops for. She is striving to get soft skills in addition to hard ones, she has already been possessing. The competencies expansion will definitely be usefull in practice.

So, she contributed to JSC Mezhdurechye processes map development. She jokingly calls it the rock mass journey from drilling including transportation. Here are systematized the key facility’s performance indicators, divided by both processes and cost.

Besides she is carefully and scrupulously developing the employee's personal account., which will contain employee’s personal data and additional training information. Personal account will allow to request the required certificates and documents copies.

One of the sections will be devoted to the Idea Factory. It will become additional way to submit proposals. Recall that now it is possible to submit proposals to Sibuglemet group on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, and via WhatsApp, Viber, ICQ, Telegram messengers and by writing a message through special boxes, available in each open pit site – i.e., this is really informative and useful resource.

What are Oksana's goals?

She is smiling while answering.

- Now I am dreaming about creating something globally useful for our company!

And we have no doubt that she will definitely do this!

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