• Sibuglemet Winter Olympics

    There is an old tradition to hold an annual sports festival in winter sports among Sibuglemet company-owned facilities in February. The competitions are held in snowboarding, downhill and cross-country skiing. Then the competition results are summed up both between the teams and in the individual competition ad well.

    Sibuglemet company-owned facilities employees are fond of healthy and active lifestyle!
  • Alpine skiing and snowboarding competitions

    It is a commonly known fact that Tumannaya mountain is the highest Tashtagol point. There is a great chance to enjoy perfectly white snow, powerful centuries-old trees, framing the ski slopes and a piercing blue sky. Alpine skiing and snowboarding competitions will take place here as well. Sibuglemet company-owned facilities employees demonstrate strong physical fitness and excellent team spirit!

  • Sibuglemet Summer Olympics

    There has been held the Summer Spartakiad of Sibuglemet company-owned facilities since 2014. The current wonderful sports festival is traditionally held in Mezhdurechensk – the greenest Kuzbass city.

    There actively participate the employees of Mezhdurechye, Bolshevik coal mine and Antonovskaya coal mine as well as Antonovskaya and Mezhdurechenskaya enrichment factories, competing in strength, speed and dexterity.

    Besides there take place «Merry Starts» competitions for children.

  • Football competition

    It is worth noting that Sibuglemet company-owned facilities employees go in for sports all year round. Football is deemed one of the most popular sports types. Besides there is a tradition to hold mini-football tournament for the Cup of Sibuglemet Holding LLC CEO in December. This bright sports festival unites true fans of an active lifestyle!