• Social and labor guarantees for Sibuglemet company-owned facilities employees

    Sibuglemet tends to always fulfill all its social obligations, labor guarantees and compensations, stipulated by the Collective Labour Agreement. There took place the ceremonial signing of the Supplementary Agreements in December 2020 in order to extend the Collective Labour Agreement of Sibuglemet company-owned facilities, including all benefits and guarantees retained, until December 31, 2021.

    According to Igor V. Osadchiy, Sibuglemet Holding LLC CEO:

    We are mainly focused on one fundamental principle – our clients are the most important for us!

    That’s why it is prestigious, stable and reliable to work in Sibuglemet company-owned facilities!

  • Besides we provide social support for labor veterans (retired workers) of our company

    We provide a great opportunity for our retired workers to get healthier in sanatoriums and dispensaries. Those, who suffer from some difficult life situation, are provided with material assistance. Besides there is paid partial compensation for consumed electricity. Private houses residents are provided with coal.

    The Great Patriotic War participants and home front workers, who worked at Sibuglemet company-owned facilities, are provided with material assistance as a sign of respect and deep gratitude within the Victory Day celebrations.

    Besides we traditionally provide material assistance to our older generation representatives and ex-employees of our company within the International Women's Day and Miner's Day. Besides we organize meetings for our labor veterans and our company’s heads with on the eve of Miner's Day. We always provide our retired workers with multiple given gifts for New Year celebrations as well.

    Besides it is worth noting that Sibuglemet provides own retired workers with monthly material assistance, paid within the Collective Agreement.

  • Our company cooperates with educational institutions of Kemerovo Oblast

    Our Company implements certain measures set in order to effectively use the secondary schools and universities capabilities while preparing students for future professional activities. All the students are provided with paid internship during the study period. Our staff department specialists take part in career guidance activities of educational institutions, including Career Day and Job Fair. There takes place young specialists selection while cooperating with educational institutions graduates employment promotion centers.

  • The territories of presence support and development

    Sibuglemet is a socially responsible business and one of the largest taxpayers in both Kemerovo oblast and Russian Federation. The company implements social and charitable programs, which main goal is to improve Kuzbass residents’ living standards.

    Sibuglemet company helped to fully reconstruct the Western District dam – a favorite recreation place of Mezhdurechensk residents within the Agreement with the Kemerovo oblast Government - Kuzbass.

    The outdoor exercise equipment complex has become a wonderful and useful decoration of one of Mezhdurechensk apartment buildings courtyards. Sibuglemet Company made such a great gift to Mezhdurechensk residents for its 65th anniversary. Besides our Company sponsored the decoration of one of the central city streets with a huge flower arrangement on the anniversary celebrations eve.

    Charitable assistance was provided to Mezhdurechensk urban settlement for Mount Yugus snowmaking design work.

    Our company purchased protective nets for Mezhdurechensk sports school, where there are trained young skiers. These nets are installed on Mount Yugus to ensure the training process safety.

  • Charity

    Sibuglemet is a successful, dynamically developing company, being actively involved in charitable activities.

    It is extremely important to provide assistance to Kuzbass small-numbered Indigenous Peoples.

    Sibuglemet provided material support to both «Altyn-Shor» Mezhdurechensk Society of Indigenous People in organizing outdoor events as well as Mezhdurechensk charitable foundation «Gornaya Shoria Mountain development» for eco-museum development.

    Besides Sibuglemet contributed to the financing of the repair and restoration works of the Palace of Culture in Salair – historical and cultural monument of regional significance.   

    Our good deeds list includes both financial assistance in repair works of «Edinstvo» orphanage No. 5 in Mezhdurechensk as well as assistance to the territories of presence for their further development, including landscaping.

    We paid a special attention to targeted support for World War II veterans and Kuzbass public organizations.

    Sibuglemet is both a good friend and a patron of the arts for several healthcare institutions in Kemerovo oblast, including the Scientific Clinical Center of Miners' Health Protection. Besides Sibuglemet purchased vehicles for medical institutions in Novokuznetsk, Myski and Mezhdurechensk in order to effectively and efficiently work within the pandemic in 2021.